My first time touring with Number One London Tours was a truly positive experience! Though it was difficult to choose one of the specialized tours offered, I decided on the Country House Tour in September, 2017. I appreciated that we stayed in one hotel for a week, (a terrific, historic hotel!) instead of moving from lodging to lodging. And, it was a huge plus to have our own driver everyday to take us to all our gorgeous estates, mansions, and incredible stately country homes. Our group was a convivial party of strangers who became friends, and there was much talk of checking out Number One London’s other themed tours for another chance to experience the expertise and ease of traveling with a well-planned itinerary and knowlegeable speakers and guides. Another bonus was the excellence of the meals which were included on this tour. And personally, I loved having just enough free time to explore, take a walk, check out the gift shops, stop for tea and scones, and get the recipe for Bakewell Tarts in actual Bakewell! I have a feeling the Wellington Tour or the Scotland Tour may be next up on my travel agenda. Here’s hoping!

Sandra Mettler