How lucky I was that my introductory tours to England were led by Kristine Hughes, as she was then. With my fixation on the Regency period and country houses, I couldn’t have chosen better tours to gain not just the basics, but also the extra fillip of on-dits to add a true sense of history and understanding. Kristine is a deep well of information about the United Kingdom, past and present, to satisfy the greatest curiosity. Her books were excellent resources for my writing, but her tours breathe life into all the aspects you love most about Georgian/Regency/Victorian periods. Her personality brings elegance, style and wit to tours planned to keep you breathless with anticipation for every stop on a crush of a schedule. Bring a small recorder to help you recall the excellent information you gain when you travel with Kristine. She tickles your imagination at every carefully vetted stop, led by an unforgettable woman. A single warning about Kristine’s tours: You can’t take just one!

Pat Cody, author