Saturday, April 14, 2018 – Saturday, April 21, 2018
7 Days – $2,300

$500.00 deposit due upon booking. 
Final Payment of $1,800.00 due by February 20, 2018
The Waterloo Tour

It is probably true to say that no battle in history has stirred so many emotions and provoked more literature than Waterloo. Fought on 18 June 1815 between the Allied armies of the Duke of Wellington and Blucher and the French army under Napoleon, the battle continues to court controversy even today. Our tour follows the momentous events of the campaign, visiting the battlefields of Quatre Bras, Ligny and the dramatic events of 17 June, and, of course, Waterloo itself, where Wellington’s army hung on grimly until the arrival of Blucher’s Prussians tipped the scales in favour of the Allies. But even before we leave for Belgium we explore the London of 1815 in the company of authors and regency experts Louise Allen and Kristine Hughes Patrone who will show us the many clubs, houses, streets and sites that have a connection with the campaign. We also visit a host of museums and related sites including the superb new Waterloo Memorial with its high-tech exhibits and 3D cinema, the famous Lion Mound and panorama, the wonderful presentation at refurbished Hougoumont and the headquarters of both Wellington and Napoleon.

  • Walk the Battlefield sites with author and military historian Ian Fletcher
  • Talks by Louise Allen, Kristine Hughes Patrone and the Portsoken Volunteers
  • Walking tour of 1815 London
  • Admission to Apsley House
  • Lunch at the farmhouse of Grand Pierpoint
  • Admission to Waterloo museums per itinerary

Day 1

Check-in at the Melia White House Hotel, Regent’s Park. Dinner at the Duke of Wellington pub, followed by a talk by Louise Allen, author of To the Field of Waterloo: The First Battlefield Tourists 1815 – 1816.

Day 2

This morning we enjoy a walking tour of 1815 London, including the house in St. James’s Square where Henry Percy delivered the Eagles to George IV, East India Club, St. James’s Street and many other sites that put London in Waterloo perspective. We will also visit Apsley House, the Duke of Wellington’s London home. This evening, dinner will be followed by a talk by uniformed members of the City of London (Portsoken) Volunteers, formed in 1798, who will give us a unique view of life in Wellington’s Army.

Day 3

Today we depart for Waterloo, stopping in Brussels for lunch and to see the Parc, Wellington’s headquarters and some of the houses where key English families lived on the eve of the Battle. On to Waterloo and check-in at our hotel. Dinner this evening will be followed by a talk on the rumour and speculation by the English civilians, the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball and the build up to Quatre Bras.

Day 4

Waterloo: the build-up to the Battle: 16-17 June. Ian will be explaining various elements of the Battle, including opposing plans and the battles at Quatre Bras and Ligny and the retreat to Waterloo. We will be lunching in the farmhouse of Grand Pierpoint, fought over during the battle of Quatre Bras.

Day 5

It’s museum day with visits to Napoleon’s Headquarters at Le Caillou and Wellington’s Headquarters in Waterloo, the Waterloo Memorial (the new Visitors’ Centre,) with its many fine displays and a wonderful 3D presentation of the battle, the Panorama and the Lion Mound.

Day 6

Our Waterloo research culminates today with a Battlefield Tour. We begin at the French staging positions where we’ll consider Napoleon’s options before moving north to Wellington’s position at the crossroads. We’ll also visit Hougoumont with its superb show illustrating the Farms’ key role in the Battle, and follow the day’s fighting from various stands including La Haye Sainte and Plancenoit. This evening we celebrate the Allied visit with a farewell dinner.

Day 7

After breakfast, check-out and the return to London, where our tour ends.

What’s Included:

  • 2 nights in a 4 Star London Hotel
  • 4 nights in a Brussels Hotel
  • 6  Breakfasts
  • 6 Dinners
  • Lunch at Grand Pierpoint
  • Talks by Louise Allen, Ian Fletcher and Kristine Hughes Patrone
  • 1815 walking tour in London
  • Private coach transportation on travel days
  • Services of a professional guide throughout
  • Entry or admission fees to all venues