Having completed one tour with Number One London, I highly recommend and will be going on another one in the near future. The Duke of Wellington Tour exceeded my expectations. I had been to London twice before the tour, but my eyes were opened by new experiences and new adventures with Number One London. I can testify that much research is done concerning hotels, restaurants, and historical sites chosen. Not being a “tour” person, I immensely enjoyed traveling with a group of like-minded people, visiting the most relevant sites related to the first Duke. I anticipate the next tour to be even more enjoyable!

(M Denise Costello)

The Duke of Wellington tour was my first trip aboard and it was the best trip ever. Filled with experience, history, and educational fun, Kristine has done her research and knows how to put a tour together that combines historical knowledge and personal fascination, and still make it fun and exciting to learn and explore. This tour experience lead me to make two more trips of my own back to the UK. It was such a delight traveling with Kristine and other amateur history buffs and I'm definitely looking forward to touring with her again.

(Ki Pha)