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Time to experience the history and magic of Great Britain.

Time to gather memorable moments and new friends.

Time to explore the history of each site we visit.

Time to enjoy the journey.

Number One London Tours offer something unique . . . . . . time.

About Us

book-cover-picAt Number One London Tours, we begin each tour with an historic theme – the Regency period, the life and times of Queen Victoria, the Battle of Waterloo – and then expand upon the core itinerary by incorporating talks by expert speakers, walking tours led by published authors and behind the scenes tours at iconic venues, each one personalized for our group.

While the scope of our itineraries is comprehensive, we recognize that each traveler appreciates the opportunity to experience a visit in their own way. We have planned private, guided tours at most sites, followed by time enough for you to go back to the start in order to take it all in again on your own. Would you like to have lunch, stroll the grounds, take photographs, explore the gardens? You’ll be free to do one or do them all. We’ve made sure that you’ll have the time to fully enjoy each stop on every tour.

Modern day comforts including stays at 4 Star hotels (some with spa facilities), private coach travel and most meals insure that your tour will also be your vacation. Number One London prefers to keep its tour groups small in order to insure that no traveler ever feels like a face in the crowd. We hope you’ll take the time to tour England the Number One London Tours way.

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Having completed one tour with Number One London, I highly recommend and will be going on another one in the near future. The Duke of Wellington Tour exceeded my expectations. I had been to London twice before the tour, but my eyes were opened by new experiences and new adventures with Number One London. I can testify that much research is done concerning hotels, restaurants, and historical sites chosen. Not being a “tour” person, I immensely enjoyed traveling with a group of like-minded people, visiting the most relevant sites related to the first Duke. I anticipate the next tour to be even more enjoyable!

(M Denise Costello)

The Duke of Wellington tour was my first trip aboard and it was the best trip ever. Filled with experience, history, and educational fun, Kristine has done her research and knows how to put a tour together that combines historical knowledge and personal fascination, and still make it fun and exciting to learn and explore. This tour experience lead me to make two more trips of my own back to the UK. It was such a delight traveling with Kristine and other amateur history buffs and I'm definitely looking forward to touring with her again.

(Ki Pha)

I've been on three tours with Kristine and Number One London Tours, and I can attest that you won't find anyone more knowledgeable, better organized, or more fun than Kristine! I've met many of her expert guides, as well, and, let me tell you, she could not have selected a better group of people to enhance the tour experience. 

Diane Gaston, award-winning author of Regency Romance

How lucky I was that my introductory tours to England were led by Kristine Hughes, as she was then. With my fixation on the Regency period and country houses, I couldn’t have chosen better tours to gain not just the basics, but also the extra fillip of on-dits to add a true sense of history and understanding. Kristine is a deep well of information about the United Kingdom, past and present, to satisfy the greatest curiosity. Her books were excellent resources for my writing, but her tours breathe life into all the aspects you love most about Georgian/Regency/Victorian periods. Her personality brings elegance, style and wit to tours planned to keep you breathless with anticipation for every stop on a crush of a schedule. Bring a small recorder to help you recall the excellent information you gain when you travel with Kristine. She tickles your imagination at every carefully vetted stop, led by an unforgettable woman. A single warning about Kristine’s tours: You can’t take just one!
(Pat Cody, author)

My first time touring with Number One London Tours was a truly positive experience! Though it was difficult to choose one of the specialized tours offered, I decided on the Country House Tour in September, 2017. I appreciated that we stayed in one hotel for a week, (a terrific, historic hotel!) instead of moving from lodging to lodging. And, it was a huge plus to have our own driver everyday to take us to all our gorgeous estates, mansions, and incredible stately country homes. Our group was a convivial party of strangers who became friends, and there was much talk of checking out Number One London’s other themed tours for another chance to experience the expertise and ease of traveling with a well-planned itinerary and knowlegeable speakers and guides. Another bonus was the excellence of the meals which were included on this tour. And personally, I loved having just enough free time to explore, take a walk, check out the gift shops, stop for tea and scones, and get the recipe for Bakewell Tarts in actual Bakewell! I have a feeling the Wellington Tour or the Scotland Tour may be next up on my travel agenda. Here’s hoping!

Sandra Mettler